Wynwood Walls

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Miami is now famous for the Wynwood Walls. No trip to Miami is complete without a selfie taken at the Wynwood Walls.

The city of Miami, Florida is home to many neighborhoods that are known for being interesting and diverse. Among these are the lively and colorful Wynwood neighborhood in Greater Miami. Wynwood, Miami’s arts district, has been a hotspot for aspiring artists who are looking to express themselves in the form of paintings and graffiti. Here, creatives can find inspiration from the vibrant colors on the outdoor walls and just be themselves.

Wynwood Walls, a collection of six large-scale murals on buildings in Miami, has become an internationally recognized destination for famous artists to create their work. The six structures were originally blank canvasses that were slowly transformed into pieces of modern art by a variety of artists.

Back in the 1970s, Wynwood was a large collection of warehouses that were in a state of deterioration with many tenants leaving their buildings to move to more modern locations. That was until Tony Goldman, a developer and hotelier, saw its potential and began to purchase some of the warehouses. His vision was to turn it into an arts district with galleries and studios for artists to live and work independently but eventually, it evolved into so

Tony Goldman set out to rehabilitate a failing neighborhood by focusing on turning it into a cultural oasis. He had a vision for an open-air art gallery, with sculptures, galleries, and performance space that would be free and open to the public. The monthly art walks in Wynwood have proven to be a great indication of the creator’s vision for the neighborhood that would become a canvas for Urban Street Art.

Wynwood is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring. The buildings that border the central public space in this city are covered with murals, which constantly change as new artists come to paint them. This means that there is always something new and exciting to see when you visit the area.