Wynwood Walls – Unique Outdoor Destination!

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Catch a shared or private ride to go out in Wynwood Walls! The possibilities are endless when you travel here.

Wynwood Walls is a Miami-based project that was dreamed up by an urban developer and is located in the historic Wynwood district. It was a project that started with the hope of it becoming an arts destination and cultural center for locals and visitors alike. Tony Goldman’s intention was to transform the rundown warehouse district into a vibrant one by turning abandoned warehouses into works of art. The Walls has been cited as a family-friendly tourist destination by local publications in 2018. The Walls are curated by a company that operates an art gallery on the grounds of the Wall. They have been entrusted to curate this art project inside the Wall.

Free to the public and open to everyone, Wynwood Walls has been home to the most innovative street artists from around the world. The year-round program is a magnet that draws in talents from all corners of the globe. The events include many celebrated innovators in street art who are responsible for the proliferation of public art in the area, which has increased tourism and led to greater economic growth as a result. With a rich and diverse history to boast, it’s now one of the leading venues in the world to see the work of some of the most prominent street artists. The adjacent doors, with 176 feet of roll-up storefront gates, were added in 2010 along with the Wynwood Walls Garden. The Wynwood Walls Garden features five murals that are open to the community. Every year, a group of international artists of varying backgrounds comes together to create artwork for Wynwood Walls. This includes all old-school types, as well as newer innovators, who come together to show off their talent and share their vision with the world. This event has been one of the best opportunities for people to see the diverse ways that a range of different styles can come together and make a beautiful piece of art. In 2012, Wynwood Walls paid tribute to the visionary Tony Goldman with a series of events, including an event celebrating his vision for Art Basel. The most recognizable walls in Miami continue to attract visitors from around the world with their many art installations and eye-catching, colorful street art. One of the most popular techniques is to use murals as a way of beautifying neighborhoods, schools, and hospitals. Currently, there are more than 40 beautiful murals that have been created by respected street artists from all over the world and can be found on buildings across the city. Visitors can witness an incredible array of colors and textures that create a true sense of wonder in this outdoor gallery that spans nearly two miles.



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