The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science – Explore Now!

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Museums are a great way to experience and learn about important artifacts from history and culture. Not only do these exhibits provide high-quality visual and informative experiences, but they also help to teach, inspire and connect communities!

Located in the heart of downtown Miami, The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is an award-winning museum that features a plethora of exhibits like the full-scale model of a blue whale that is suspended from the ceiling and a Planetarium. In addition to its modern exhibits, it also houses more traditional science classrooms for school groups. The museum originally opened its Coconut Grove location in 1960 but relocated to Museum Park in the downtown area of Miami in 2017 after closing its Coconut Grove location in 2015. One of only a few institutions in the world to offer both facilities under one roof, it has become internationally recognized as one of Florida’s most visited tourist attractions. The museum has thought-provoking exhibitions that cover six floors, in addition to a rooftop observation deck with a garden on the North and West side. The museum is focused on providing visitors an understanding of South Florida’s natural diversity, the physics of light, aviation, the human mind and body, and many other topics. There are permanent exhibitions on each of these subjects as well as rotating exhibitions showcasing other topics.

The Gulf Stream Aquarium is a world-class interactive aquarium experience that can be explored at different levels, with each level representing a deeper part of the ocean. This breathtaking facility provides up-close animal encounters for all ages and interests, as well as an amazing opportunity to learn about the ecosystem that is found on Miami’s coast. If you are lucky enough to visit, you can peer into the open water tank and see the pelagic fish swimming around like piranhas, hammerheads, and stingrays. As visitors descend to the lower floor and into the depths of the ocean, they plunge into the subaquatic environment, viewing aquariums dedicated to tropical fish and coral that they can see up close. They eventually reach the 30-foot-wide Gulf Stream Aquarium oculus where they can peer up at much larger fish swimming overhead.

The Frost Planetarium is one of the most powerful and high-definition planetariums on this planet. The company has an incredibly high-resolution visual system that is capable of displaying millions of different colors. A wide range of multimedia presentations can be found inside this facility, as well as a variety of hands-on activities geared toward people at any stage in life. The auditorium is designed so that one can see all around, creating a nearly 360-degree view that provides an angle to an immersive experience where visitors can journey to a galaxy far far away or take a deep dive under the sea. Frost Science creates interactive and educational exhibits which engage learners of all ages in the discovery of the natural world we live in. They are a leading provider of immersive, interactive science-based experiences that both entertain people and provide them with a better understanding of our natural environment.

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