Plans Were Presented to the FAA for a Large-Scale Project at the Miami Arena Site

by | Jul 3, 2022 | Miami News | 0 comments

Have you heard about this?

Large-scale redevelopment of the former Miami Arena was submitted to the FAA this month in an effort to have a major economic impact on nearby communities. The project will provide an example of what can be done with historic properties, both in terms of tourism and commercial spaces, as well as residential.

The newly announced development plan for this district is set to become the largest residential development in downtown Miami and will also include a large amount of office space. Internal reports show that it is, by unit count, the biggest project of its kind in Miami’s history. In January 2022, developers submitted this pre-application to Miami-Dade County planners. According to the pre-application submitted in January, there will be a total of three towers.

The FAA got preliminary building height filings on June 17th. It has been reported that there will be a number of possible tower height options in the new filing, ranging from 673 feet to 700 feet above sea level.

Preliminary plans from January show the three towers will stand 57 stories tall and include:

  • There are 2,351 residential units.
  • The tower has 540,000 square feet of office space
  • The ground floor of this mixed-use development is dedicated to retail, including an anchor supermarket that will serve the surrounding residential community.
  • Parking facilities in this area have a capacity of 2,457 parking spaces.

The tower in the project will feature a geometric green wall facade with plants and greenery, according to the developer.

Source: The Next Miami