Discover the Vintage Charm & Modern Comfort of National Hotel Miami Beach

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Ah, Miami Beach! A place where the sun always shines, the water’s as clear as crystal, and the vibes are nothing short of magical. And nestled within this paradise is a gem that’s been a part of Miami’s rich history since the 1940s – the National Hotel.

This iconic hotel isn’t just a place to rest your head after a day exploring the city, it’s an experience of its own. With its vintage charm, stunning views, and world-class service, it’s no wonder it’s been a favorite among the rich and famous for decades.

Overview of National Hotel Miami Beach

In the continuation of our exploration of the National Hotel in Miami Beach, let’s dive deeper into its location, accessibility, and the distinctive architecture and design that make it a gem of Miami.

Location and Accessibility

Nestled in the heart of Miami Beach, the National Hotel enjoys a prime location. Sitting strategically on Collins Avenue, it’s just a two-minute walk from the beautiful sandy beaches of Miami. Public transportation, including bus stops, are abundant within a short radius, offering easy access to other parts of the city, such as the Art Deco Historic District. Restaurants, shops, and vibrant nightlife options surround the hotel, affording guests a directory of exciting experiences.

Architecture and Design

The appeal of the National Hotel is rooted in its distinctive architecture. Built with the timeless Art Deco design, it’s a nod to the stylish 1940s era where sophistication met elegance. The hotel’s sparkling white façade proudly boasts streamlined, curvilinear shapes, evoking a sense of glamour and charisma associated with Miami Beach’s heyday. The hotel interiors, with their delicate balance of vintage charm and contemporary comfort, reaffirm the hotel’s legacy as an icon of Miami’s architectural landscape. A particular highlight is the hotel’s pool area, famous for being the longest infinity pool in Miami, which seamlessly melds with the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, adding an extra touch of luxury to an already impressive establishment.

Accommodations at National Hotel Miami Beach

Let’s delve further into exploring the accommodations that the National Hotel Miami Beach provides.

Room Types and Amenities

National Hotel in Miami Beach offers a plethora of room types tailor-made for different guest needs. Classic City View Rooms, Superior Ocean View Rooms, and Cabana Rooms head the accommodation ladder, each designed with an amalgamation of art deco feel and contemporary luxury.

Each Classic City View Room has, exemplifying its title, an impressive city view along with elegant furnishings and a plush king bed. For those seeking sea glances, the Superior Ocean View Rooms serve as the perfect abode, showcasing not only panoramic ocean views but also equipped with luxurious amenities including a mini-fridge and a flat-screen TV.

Cabana Rooms, the pinnacle of luxury, offer an intimate resort experience with direct pool access. They’re decked with a sumptuous king bed, a stylish sofa bed, and a modern spa-like bathroom adding to the opulence.

Moreover, all rooms come with standard amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay. High-speed Wi-Fi support, in-room safes, and ironing facility are a few to name, providing an instance of the amenities on offer.

Special Packages and Offers

Keeping up with its commitment to provide guests with an elevated experience, the hotel regularly announces special packages and offers. Vacation Packages, Romance Packages, Dining Packages and Spa Packages are a few, indicating the spectrum.

The hotel’s Vacation Packages grant deals on extended stays, and discounts on local attractions. The Romance Package, perfect for couples, includes perks such as room decoration and a bottle of sparkling wine. Dining Packages let guests relish Miami’s culinary delights at reduced costs and the Spa Packages offer rejuvenating treatments at a bargain.

I recommend keeping an eye out for seasonal and festive offers as they tend to include added benefits within a limited price range. These packages ensure that guests not only enjoy a fabulous stay but also take full advantage of the myriad experiences Miami Beach has to offer.

Dining Experiences

Dining at the National Hotel in Miami Beach isn’t just about satisfying your hunger, it’s about indulging in a multisensory experience that blends taste, sight, and a dash of Miami’s upbeat vibe.

On-Site Restaurants

The National Hotel is home to two delectable dining options, each boasting carefully curated menus made with the finest locally-sourced ingredients. The first one, Tamara’s Bistro offers a zest-filled meting pot of Mediterranean and Miami flavors. Take, for instance, the whole roasted Branzino, a dish noted for its zesty charm, sourced locally and cooked precisely to retain its pristine flavors. This restaurant tickles taste buds during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Next, the Bluewater Café offers an al fresco dining experience with a stunning view of the longest infinity pool in Miami. Famously known for its Poolside Grilled Octopus, one can enjoy seasoned, tender bites of octopus with a refreshing pool view. Whether for an early lunch or a late afternoon snack, this restaurant thrives to cater to your poolside cravings.

Bar and Lounge Options

Not to miss out on The National Hotel’s popular watering holes – The Blues Bar and the Aqua Club. The blues bar, with its Art Deco-inspired interiors, lets patrons sip on cocktails of their choice. The classic mojito, for example, strikes balance between rum and refreshing mint. Perfect for relaxing after a long day of sightseeing.

The Aqua Club adds to the allure by serving artisan cocktails right at the edge of the infinity pool. Imagine savoring one of their signature cocktails, say the South Side, with gin, mint, lemon, sugar, club soda – while lounging at the pool edge. It’s this intermingling of luxury, relaxation, and gastronomic excellence that defines the National Hotel’s dining experiences.

Amenities and Services

Let’s continue our exploration of the National Hotel Miami Beach, turning our attention to what this prestigious hotel offers beyond its impressive rooms and dining experiences. Our focus lies on the hospitality, comfort, and recreational activities it provides for its guests—namely, its spa and wellness facilities, along with its stunning pool and associated outdoor activities.

Spa and Wellness Facilities

Guests at the National Hotel don’t merely stay here—they indulge in a whole host of pampering experiences. One of the centerpieces of self-care at this hotel is its renowned Spa and Wellness center. In this peaceful retreat, you’ll find a wide array of treatments designed to rejuvenate the body and the mind. From signature massages blending various techniques, facials using top-of-the-line skincare products, to body treatments aimed at detoxifying and nourishing the skin, there’s a therapeutic option for everyone.

For fitness enthusiasts, the hotel boasts a state-of-the-art fitness center. Outfitted with high-tech equipment like treadmills, strength training machines, and free weights, it caters to guests looking to maintain their physical fitness regime during their stay. This meticulously designed space ensures a workout session here is as invigorating as it is effective.

Pool and Outdoor Activities

The National Hotel is home to Miami’s longest infinity pool, which elegantly extends into the Atlantic Ocean. This exquisite outdoor amenity provides guests with an unparalleled aquatic experience—one distinctly marked by luxury and serenity. Poolside cabanas, complete with personal services, amplify the sense of opulence.

In addition to lounging by the pool, guests can also engage in several outdoor activities offered by the hotel. Daily yoga classes on the pool deck overlooking the ocean provide the perfect blend of exercise and relaxation. For the more adventurous, local water sports such as jet-skis and parasailing, are easily accessible, offering an unforgettable chance to experience Miami’s vibrant waters firsthand.

Moreover, golf enthusiasts will appreciate the hotel’s proximity to Miami’s world-class golf courses. Arrangements can be made for guests eager to hit the fairways, showcasing yet another opportunity to experience what this incredible destination has to offer. At the National Hotel Miami Beach, the possibilities for relaxation and recreation are truly endless.

What Makes National Hotel Unique?

Stemming from its rich historical background and top-notch facilities to glowing guest reviews, the National Hotel offers a distinct experience that separates it from other Miami Beach accommodations. Here, I delve into more specific reasons this iconic hotel stands out.

Historical Significance

With origins dating back to 1939, the National Hotel epitomizes the essence of South Florida’s vibrant history, preserved with its original Art Deco facade. Its architectural elegance continually contributes to Miami’s identity as a city synonymous with the Art Deco style. Notably, it’s been a centerpiece for the annual Art Deco Weekend festival, garnering recognition from both locals and international tourists.

The National Hotel’s lobby and guest rooms are a harmonious blend of vintage grace and modern sophistication. They’ve captured the essence of a bygone era while meeting modern traveler’s expectations. For instance, the lobby greets guests with terrazzo floors and antique furnishings that bask in the ambient light from the grand windows, creating a cordial and inviting space that transports guests back to the 1940s, while providing all the modern amenities.

Ultimately, the hotel’s historical significance makes it more than just a place to sleep. It’s a fitting choice for history buffs, architecture lovers, and anyone looking to savor the authentic allure of Miami Beach.

Guest Reviews and Testimonials

The National Hotel’s reputation isn’t merely attributed to its historical charm. It’s also built substantially on positive guest experiences and glowing testimonials. Many guests describe the hotel as an exceptional retreat, filled with courteous staff, first-rate services, and clean, comfortable accommodations.

A regular theme in the numerous five-star ratings is the hotel’s signature infinity pool, which is touted as Miami’s longest. Testimonials frequently highlight the pool’s jaw-dropping view, which merges the pool seamlessly with the Atlantic Ocean, as a picturesque slice of paradise.

Reviews also praise the hotel’s ideal location near the beach and other top Miami attractions, the range of activities, and the assortment of dining options. Guests, whether staying for work or leisure, often express appreciation for the tranquil ambiance that lets them effortlessly blend work, pleasure, and relaxation.

In short, guest testimonials underline the National Hotel’s commitment to delivering a unique, high-quality, and memorable Miami Beach experience, making a stay here one to remember.


So there you have it! The National Hotel in Miami Beach isn’t just another place to lay your head. It’s a trip back in time, a slice of history, and a touch of modern comfort all rolled into one. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a history buff, or just someone looking for a unique stay, this hotel ticks all the boxes. It’s no wonder guests can’t help but sing its praises. And let’s not forget that stunning infinity pool that seems to blend right into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s the cherry on top of an already impressive hotel experience. If you’re planning a trip to Miami Beach, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more charming, comfortable, and convenient place to stay. The National Hotel really does have it all.

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