Miami Seaquarium – Hug Your Special Mammal Friends!

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Take a peep inside Miami Seaquarium!

The Miami Seaquarium is marine life and animal oceanarium that is home to both marine mammals and sea life that live in the nearby Biscayne Bay. It entertains more than 2 million people each year with its educational presentations, exciting shows, and engaging exhibits. Visitors to the park can enjoy a wide variety of shows, attractions, and exhibits, as well as a number of educational programs. The park also houses an on-site hotel for those wishing to spend an extended period of time at the park.

The park has become a popular destination for locals in the area because it offers daily exhibitions and camps, events for scouts, and group events including concerts, festivals, and product launches throughout the year. The museum also has close ties with other artistic and cultural organizations, such as the National Gallery of Australia, and is dedicated to marine life, research, and conservation. The park is a major contributor to Miami-Dade County’s economy and has more than 200 employees which makes it the third-largest employer.

The park first opened its doors in 1955 and was the second marine-life attraction of its kind when it first started. It was founded by the very prominent Fred D. Coppock and Captain W.B. Gray, who was inspired to create a space where people could explore the abundant saltwater life of Florida’s many waterways that make up some of America’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

Miami Seaquarium is also a world-renowned tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy the water shows, interact with the animals in its exhibits, and experience first-hand the enjoyable company of dolphins and killer whales. Visitors to Miami Seaquarium can witness dolphins walking on water or even killer whales flying through the air as they partake in spectacular animal encounters that are among the best available in the world. With these features and more. Delighting children of all ages, the sea lions at our beach are often found playing and swimming in the surf. In addition, two endangered species- the sea turtles and manatees- make their home here in their care. Enjoy an aquatic life entertainment park that is world-class and has a variety of marine animal shows and presentations. These range from eight different marine animal show to astonishing daily presentations. The dolphin is one of the most magnificent marine mammals, and you have heard of its legends and fascinating facts. At Dolphin Harbor, the new home to our dolphin interaction programs at Miami Seaquarium, you can experience the amazing animals first-hand.

Miami Seaquarium is a place of inspiration and education, featuring interactive exhibits and shows that are sure to be fun for the whole family.