Miami Elopement Packages

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Are you dreaming of a romantic and intimate wedding in Miami? Elopements are becoming more and more popular, and Miami is the perfect place for a small and intimate ceremony. With its stunning beaches, picturesque locations, and endless sunshine, Miami is a top destination for couples who want to tie the knot in a beautiful and unforgettable setting. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Miami elopement packages, from the best locations and venues to the top services and vendors.

Destination Weddings: Why Miami is the Perfect Choice

Miami is one of the most sought-after destinations for weddings in the United States. With its year-round warm weather, white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters, Miami offers a unique and picturesque backdrop for your special day. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront wedding or a luxurious hotel ballroom, Miami has something to offer every couple. Additionally, Miami is a multicultural and vibrant city that offers an array of cuisines, art, and nightlife that can make your wedding experience even more special.

Small Weddings: Why Elopements are a Great Choice

Elopements have become increasingly popular over the years, and for good reason. For many couples, the idea of planning a large and extravagant wedding can be overwhelming and stressful. Elopements offer a more intimate and personal experience, allowing couples to focus on their love and commitment to each other. Miami is a great destination for elopements, as it offers a variety of options for couples looking for a small and intimate ceremony. From beachfront locations to rooftop terraces, Miami has a range of options that can accommodate any budget and style.

Miami Elopement Packages: What to Look For

Miami elopement packages can provide you with everything you need for your special day. However, not all packages are created equal, and it’s important to do your research and find the right one for you. When looking for a Miami elopement package, consider the following factors:

  1. Location: The first thing to consider when choosing an elopement package is the location. Miami has a variety of stunning locations, from beachfront venues to garden settings. Think about what type of location fits your vision for your special day and make sure the package includes it.
  2. Services: When choosing an elopement package, make sure to consider the services that are included. Do you want a photographer, videographer, officiant, or florist? Make sure the package includes the services that are important to you.
  3. Price: When picking an elopement package in Miami, it’s important to keep one’s budget in mind as costs can vary greatly—from a few hundred dollars to upwards of several thousand. Keep in mind that some packages may have additional fees for services that are not included in the base package.
  4. Availability: Miami is a popular destination for weddings, so it’s important to book your elopement package well in advance to ensure availability. Some packages may have limited availability, so it’s important to book early to avoid disappointment.
  5. Reviews: Before choosing an elopement package, be sure to read reviews from previous clients. Reviews can provide valuable insights into the quality of services provided and the overall experience.

In addition to these factors, it’s important to communicate your vision and preferences to the package provider. This will help ensure that you get the services and experience you desire. Many elopement packages can also be customized to fit your unique needs and preferences.

Overall, choosing a Miami elopement package requires careful consideration of the location, services, price, availability, and reviews. With the right package and a little bit of planning, you can create a truly unforgettable wedding day in Miami.

Top Locations for Miami Elopements

Miami offers a plethora of beautiful and unique locations for elopements. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Miami Beach: Boasting its remarkable Art Deco architecture and picturesque beachfront vistas, Miami Beach is an ideal destination for couples who are seeking to elope by the seaside. This vibrant city provides the perfect backdrop with its charming sandy beaches and magnificent sunsets, making it an unforgettable spot for a romantic ceremony. Whether you are looking to exchange your vows on the beach or in one of Miami’s many unique venues, this sunny paradise is sure to provide lasting memories for your special day.
  2. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: This magnificent historic estate offers 10 acres of breathtaking gardens, tranquil fountains, and spectacular sculptures, making it a highly sought-after destination for eloping couples and intimate weddings. Its picturesque setting provides the perfect backdrop for nuptials that will be remembered forever.
  3. The Kampong: The tranquil and romantic atmosphere of this lush botanical garden provides the perfect backdrop for an intimate ceremony. Its luxuriant vegetation, complete with colorful blooms, is sure to create an atmosphere of serenity and beauty that will make your special day utterly unforgettable. Surrounded by such natural splendor, you can be certain that your wedding ceremony will be both peaceful and romantic.
  4. The Edition: This exclusive hotel offers an array of wedding packages, including elopement plans that feature a romantic ceremony on the stunning beach or in their lush tropical garden. Each package is tailored to meet your individual needs and desires, ensuring that your special day will be one you’ll remember forever. Experience unparalleled luxury with their wide selection of premium amenities and services, all designed to make your wedding planning process stress-free and enjoyable.
  5. The Villa Casa Casuarina: This beautiful mansion, which was formerly owned by the iconic fashion designer Gianni Versace, is a truly remarkable and luxurious setting for your special wedding day. It offers an unforgettable experience full of glamour and sophistication that will make your celebration a truly unique and memorable event. The estate’s majestic grounds provide an exquisite backdrop to the festivities, guaranteeing you and all your guests will have a wonderful time.

Top Services and Vendors for Miami Elopements

Miami offers a range of services and vendors that can help make your elopement day unforgettable. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Officiants: From traditional to non-traditional ceremonies, Miami offers a variety of officiants that can perform your wedding ceremony.
  2. Photographers: Miami is home to a variety of talented wedding photographers who can capture your special day and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  3. Florists: From bouquets to centerpieces, Miami florists can create beautiful and unique arrangements to fit your style and vision for your wedding day.
  4. Caterers: Miami offers a variety of catering options, from traditional Cuban cuisine to contemporary fusion dishes.
  5. Event Planners: If you’re planning an elopement from afar or just need some extra help, event planners in Miami can assist you with every detail of your wedding day.

Marriage License Requirements in Miami

Before you tie the knot in Miami, it’s important to understand the marriage license requirements. To obtain a marriage license in Miami, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old (or have parental consent if under 18)
  • Present a valid ID (such as a driver’s license, passport, or state ID)
  • Provide your social security number (or an alien registration number if not a US citizen)
  • Pay the marriage license fee (currently $93.50)

Once you have your marriage license, you can get married in any location in Miami that is authorized to perform weddings.


Miami elopement packages offer couples a unique and unforgettable way to tie the knot. With its stunning beaches, picturesque locations, and top-notch services, Miami is the perfect destination for couples looking for a small and intimate ceremony. When looking for a Miami elopement package, consider the location, services, price, availability, and reviews to find the right package for you. Whether you’re planning a beachfront ceremony or a garden wedding, Miami has everything you need to make your special day unforgettable.

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