Lummus Park – Refreshing Sceneries!

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A place where nothing matters and felt like a solution to all anxieties brought about by the Pandemic, a place that could be open to anything.

Lummus Park is located on the eastern side of Ocean Drive. It features a running track, basketball courts, playgrounds, and a spectacular view of the Intracoastal Waterway and its fountains. This beautiful park can be found just minutes away from the South Beach hotel. The area was redesigned and improved in order to accommodate the needs of an evolving society and is now a premier district for architects who are looking for inspiration from one of the most lively and creative urban zones in America. Along Ocean Drive, the park is a symbol of nature and the fresh air it provides to visitors. There are many trees and greens, along with volleyball courts and pull-up bars, which provide the necessary recreation for visitors who are tired of looking at concrete. A promenade walkway, which can be seen by the general public as a meandering pedestrian walkway separating the grassy areas of the park and beach up to 21st Street, turns into a boardwalk as it reaches this last street. The sidewalk is styled after the beautiful pathways that can be seen in Brazilian landscapes. This natural walkway that runs parallel to the beach provides a serene place to enjoy the beautiful sights of the Copacabana Mountain Range while at the same time providing a space for those who would like to walk down and enjoy the beach.

When you visit, there are plenty of activities to take in and enjoy. Renting an outdoor lounge chair and umbrella nearby provides a perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, and people-watching. The park has to change the facilities available. There are plenty of areas where you can lay down a towel, have lunch with friends, or find a quiet spot to read. Rent a bike or skates from an onsite rental outlet and enjoy the refreshing breezes as you leisurely navigate along the beachfront path. Those who are more health-conscious and looking to improve their fitness levels may find themselves attracted to the two outdoor gym areas of Lummus Park; one of them is equipped with workout equipment for those who are interested in a traditional workout. On 9th Street’s “Muscle Beach,” you’ll be able to exercise your L-Sits, muscle-ups, and handstand push-ups on a variety of bars and rings, as well as MyEquilibria structures. These serve as many different types of workout stations and public art. The park also has a variety of fitness classes that are available to visitors who want to get active while they’re in this beautiful space. They have a wide range of complimentary classes that utilize different types of equipment, provide different levels of difficulty, and are open to all ages and skill sets.

The Art Deco Welcome Center offers guided walking tours that explore the various artistic and architectural styles of Miami Beach. These tours are focused on architectural styles, which can be found in hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, and private homes. The Center for Design is not just a place for exhibitions and conferences. It’s also home to a library, gallery, and archive of design-related publications.

Lummus Park is also a popular public park in Miami Beach that hosts events every weekend, such as artisan markets and marquee annual events. Lummus Park is a popular public park in Miami Beach that is also home to popular annual events, such as the Food and Wine Festival and the Holiday Village Art Show. The event space at Lummus Park welcomes a variety of different vendors to its weekly market events.

The City of Miami Beach is evaluating all events and measures to be taken. Please check the City’s Coronavirus COVID-19 web page frequently for updates.