Lincoln Road – Heart of South Beach

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This is where Miami comes together!

The Lincoln Road area used to be a forest of mangroves that was the same as most of Miami Beach. The east side of the island and the west side of the island were cleared by Carl Fisher in 1912, and it has since become one of Miami Beach’s most historic sections. A clear view across the water to Miami is a common sight. Over the course of the past century, Lincoln Road has become one of the most desired pieces of real estate in Miami that is home to some of the most exclusive retail stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, and Cadillac and Packard car dealerships.

Lincoln Road is a continuously evolving stretch of shops, restaurants, and nightlife that attracts over 11 million visitors annually from all over the world not just for its premier shopping destinations, but also for its world-renowned architecture. Positioned as one of Miami’s most luxurious destinations at the time, this decision made Lincoln Rd even more popular. Today, Lincoln Road is one of Miami’s most notable landmarks, hosting many architecturally acclaimed structures such as the 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage and the New World Center concert hall. The area is also home to offices of Viacom Latin America, countless boutiques, shops, and restaurants. Street performers entertain a constant stream of tourists and locals on Lincoln Road, who are drawn in by the unique ambiance that this iconic street offers. These artists showcase their talents, and random acts of creativity, and offer a sense of freshness to passersby.

Traffic on the west end of Lincoln Mall was restricted in 2006 to allow for the conversion of the space into a pedestrian-only mall. This change was undertaken in order to extend the pedestrian mall westward to Alton Road. This decision was made to help accommodate an increase in pedestrian traffic from local residents and visitors alike that would enjoy a more walkable way to access some of Miami Beach’s most popular destinations without having to deal with car and parking congestion. This change has been very well received. In 2010, designer Raymond Jungles designed a new block for the city of Miami. Jungles’ “urban oasis” was built with an eye-catching design and used biofiltration plants and other environmentally friendly materials to improve the air quality within the neighborhood. Anchored by three internationally respected cultural institutions, Lincoln Road serves as a charging station for the mind, body, and spirit that allows mental clarity and stress release. Visitors to Lincoln Road will find themselves: exploring one of Miami’s most fascinating landscapes; enjoying a world-class art scene; meeting some of their favorite cultural icons in person, and having fun at an endless array of family-friendly events.

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