Best Cupcakes in Miami

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We can’t deny that cupcakes are having a moment right now. It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new cupcake shop opening up, or a gourmet cupcake recipe being featured in a magazine. Even though some people might say that cupcakes are just a fad, we believe that there’s more to it than that. There’s something about these little indulgences that just makes people happy, and we think that’s worth celebrating.

The cupcake craze of the mid-2010s has ended, but food lovers and sugar lovers are still in contact with their favorite miniature sweet treats. Today’s cupcake bakeries can be found in almost any city on the planet, and we are here to show you the best places to eat cupcakes in Miami.

The cupcakes at these ultra-sweet hotspots are heating up the Miami scene! They have mouthwatering, flavorful cupcakes with coveted frosting-to-cupcake ratios and delectably consistent bakes. These small bites would pass any cupcake-themed game show’s test! With a variety of amazing flavors to choose from, these cupcake shops have something for everyone in your group! From chocolate chip to maple bacon, their delicious cupcakes are sure to please everyone. Let’s dive in and check out their selection!

1. Sweetness Bake Shop

And it all comes down to the number one spot. The sweetness makes the top of our list because its cupcakes are simply better than the rest. They have a wide variety of flavors that will satisfy any sweet tooth, and their frosting is always light and fluffy. The cupcakes at this bakery are perfect in every way. They have the perfect density, consistency, moisture, and flavor. The icing-to-cupcake ratio is also perfect. The menu is 275-plus flavors long, and we were hard-pressed to find one we didn’t like. In other words, this bakery is amazing and you should definitely check it out! When it comes to deliciousness, Thrilla-in-Vanilla definitely passes the test! This delectable vanilla version features a cake and icing that are both packed with vanilla beans, resulting in a cake that’s full of rich, heady vanilla flavor. Yum!. It was damn hard not to eat them all. Sweetness is number one because it is without a doubt the best place to get cupcakes in Miami.

2. Bunnie Cakes

We were absolutely delighted when we discovered how delicious these little cakes are, and we were even more pleased to find out that they’re both gluten-free and vegan. It’s not often that you come across such an amazing treat that is also healthy, so we feel very lucky to have found this gem. Mariana started the company because she couldn’t find a half-decent vegan birthday cake for her son anywhere in the city. Not wanting to let him down, she set out to bake something he and many others would never forget. The results were delicious, and word quickly spread about her amazing vegan cakes. Now, Bunnie Cakes is a vegan’s dream come true. This bakery offers fluffy and sweet cakes that boast icing that is creamy and delicious. We dare you to eat just one of these delectable treats!

3. Sugar Yummy Mama

This adorable pink dessert truck can be found at numerous food truck rallies. This bright and vibrant van has an impressive display of cake pops and full-size cupcakes. There’s no denying that Sugar Yummy Mama’s cakes are some of the best around. They’re all rich, delicious, and obviously baked with a lot of care. The quality of ingredients is far superior to many of the aforementioned contenders – Sugar Yummy Mama clearly knows what she’s doing in the kitchen. Plus, her cakes sure do taste like Mama used to make. If you’re looking for a truly amazing dessert, look no further than Sugar Yummy Mama’s Bakery.

4. LA Sweets Cupcake Lounge

Letty Alvarez, or LA, is the main baker and creator behind the sweets at LA Sweets. According to her and the rest of the staff, they’re constantly striving to create something new and delicious that will compete with other sweets out there. They want their customers to be impressed and happy with what they eat, so they always put their best foot forward. Miami residents love Guava Cupcakes from Little Havana’s Cuban Bakery. The family-owned business claims to have been the first to come up with the guava cupcake and remains the only one in Miami to incorporate guava into the batter itself instead of just squeezing it in as filling. These small, delicately sweet cupcakes have just the right amount of icing. They are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth without being too heavy. The light and fluffy cake paired with the rich and creamy icing is sure to please everyone.

5. Buttercream Cupcakes

At Buttercream, you’ll find large cupcakes in simple flavors. Some might be turned off by the lack of variety, but we believe this place is onto something. Each cupcake is lightly topped with icing, which is the perfect ratio in our opinion. When you’re looking for cake at the bottom of a pile of icing, it’s disappointing to only find a tiny amount. It would be much better if there was a decent-sized piece of cake to enjoy. The friendly staff is willing to explain the details of the cupcake-making process, and the locally sourced ingredients shine in these flavorful cupcakes.

6. Burr’s Berry Farm Strawberry Cupcakes

Far down in the Redland is a small farm that produces some of the most delicious strawberries in the area. The farmers take great care in growing and harvesting their fruit and use only the ripest berries to make their artisanal treats. Visitors to the farm can purchase these delectable snacks at the on-site shop, or pick their own strawberries to take home. Burr’s Bakery is a great place to get your sweet fix. They make shakes, cookies, bread, and strawberry cupcakes that are to die for. If you’re looking for a tasty treat, Burr’s is the place to go. These sweets have a perfectly moist consistency and are jam-packed with delicious, fresh strawberry flavor.

​7. The Cupcake Diva

What’s the secret to these delicious cupcakes? The fluffy, pillowy-soft frosting is out of this world! We’re wondering what this diva’s secret ingredient is. Regardless, these cupcakes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Danielle explains that the key to her cupcakes’ success is the fat-to-sugar ratio. She adds that her cupcakes are fluffy with a nice density, and are topped with a cloud-like frosting which, although piled high, is as light as cotton candy.

8. Contenti Cupcakes

These guys have some crazy unique flavors such as banana bacon berry and spiced apple caramel. They are always coming up with new flavor combinations that will tantalize your taste buds. If you are looking for something different, then you need to check out this ice cream shop! We love the fact that the cupcakes taste true to their names. You can find pink lemonade and chai tea cupcakes at farmers’ markets on the weekends. These are perfect for grabbing a few with friends! In addition to their pre-made goodies, they will also bake to order upon request. So, if you need a large number of treats, give them a call and they will be more than happy to accommodate. You won’t regret stocking up on their desserts!

9. Two Girls and a Cupcake

Don’t let the name fool you – these girls are baking some sweet treats. No matter what your opinion is on the name, you’ll be sure to enjoy their delicious baked goods. They always make sure to show their Miami pride in everything they do, even going so far as to name their entire menu of cupcakes after popular streets and places in the city, like the Coconut Grove cupcake which features a double dose of coconut both in the cake and icing. Ladies, keep up the good work.

10. Misha’s Cupcakes

Misha’s Cupcakes is a local cupcake company that operates seven locations and has numerous wholesale accounts throughout South Florida. Misha’s Cupcakes is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible cupcake-eating experience. They specialize in gourmet cupcakes with unique flavor combinations. Each day ten thousand cupcakes are baked and the menu includes many specialty flavors that are introduced periodically throughout the year. This allows them to always have a delicious selection for their loyal fans! Misha’s Cupcakes also proudly offers a variety of other scrumptious products, such as cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. Their selection of delicious treats is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. So come on in and enjoy one of their delectable desserts today!