Bayside Marketplace

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The open-air two-story shopping center in Miami, Florida, called Bayside Marketplace, is a popular tourist destination and is known for its high-end shops and restaurants. There are many Florida-based businesses and retailers in this area. You can find a wide variety of items at the top features of the bayside marketplace. From the latest fashion trends to a wide range of small boutiques, you’ll find everything in a nearby neighborhood store. You can also pick up some electronics, comics, and toys at shops nearby. In contrast to the common shopping mall experience, Bayside is much different. It is not just a place to shop, but also offers an entertainment experience with live music on-site daily, restaurants, and bars for an evening out, an open container policy for those who are of age, family-friendly events, and the picturesque waterfront setting that comes when one steps outside. The Bayside Marketplace provides inline spaces and kiosks located on the property.

In addition to the many shops that can be found here, there are various opportunities for adventure as well. This shopping center is home to a variety of boat tours that provide visitors with an entirely different vantage point of Miami. You can also have a drink at one of the many bars along the waterfront, snag a seat at one of the many restaurants in Bayside Marketplace, or go on a sunset cruise that will allow you to explore all of the islands that speckle the shoreline of Biscayne Bay’s islands.

You need to think about the best way to get there before you go to Bayside Marketplace. There are plenty of options. If you want to go to Miami Beach you have the option to take the S or C bus or Orange Line Metro Rail. A train is also a good option if you want to travel to the station. In particular, there are trains that will let you off at Brightline station, which is just a short walk away.

If you’re driving yourself, there will be plenty of parking spots available right by the shopping center. Parking is not free, so be aware that you will need to pay before you can leave the parking lot.

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