Uncovering Miami’s Speakeasies: A Roaring Twenties Revival Guide

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Ever wanted to sip on a cocktail while stepping back in time? Join me as we explore Miami’s hidden gems – its speakeasies. These clandestine bars harken back to the Roaring Twenties, an era of flappers, jazz, and, of course, Prohibition.

Miami’s speakeasies offer a unique blend of history, culture, and delectable drinks. They’re tucked away behind unassuming doors, down dimly lit alleys, or even hidden in plain sight. It’s an adventure just finding them, but the real thrill is what awaits inside.

So, ready to unlock the secrets of Miami’s past? Put on your best flapper dress or pinstriped suit, and let’s take a journey to the era of glamour and rebellion. Miami’s speakeasies are calling, and we’re about to answer.

Exploring the Charm of Miami’s Speakeasies

As we journey further into the enchanting world of Miami’s speakeasies, let’s delve deeper into their historical rise and the resurgence of their popularity.

The Rise of Speakeasies in Miami

Speakeasies, synonymous with the Prohibition era (1920-1933), swiftly claimed their place in Miami’s dynamic nightlife landscape. These elusive bars originated as a response to the nationwide ban on alcohol sales and consumption. Miami’s balmy climate and proximity to the Caribbean allowed for easy smuggling, making it a flourishing hub for speakeasies.

For instance, Ball & Chain, a renowned bar now, was a booming speakeasy back in the 1920s, entertaining crowds with live jazz, blues, and a secret range of alcoholic beverages. Similarly, Tobacco Road, Miami’s oldest bar, operating since 1912, had its speakeasy days during Prohibition when it ran a secret upstairs bar.

Why Speakeasies Are Popular Again

Fast forward to the 21st century and you’d find speakeasies are making a triumphant return. Encased in an aura of mystery, these hidden gems offer patrons more than your average bar. They’re all about the experience, from locating the unmarked door to entering a world that perfectly encapsulates the Roaring Twenties ambiance.

For example, The Regent Cocktail Club in Miami Beach pays homage to classic cocktails, with historic references dotting its menu. It’s vintage vibe and secret entryway add to its charm, enticing patrons. On the other hand, Los Altos, situated above a tacqueria in Little Havana, provides an authentically Latin twist to the speakeasy concept.

In essence, Miami’s speakeasies flirt with clandestine allure, transporting patrons on a time-traveling journey which magnifies their popularity each passing day.

Characteristics of Miami’s Best Hidden Bars

Understanding what makes these speakeasies in Miami so appealing involves diving into their fascinating characteristics. Each aspect of their existence, from carefully designed interiors to exclusive drink menus, contributes to the allure.

Unique Interior Designs

At Miami’s best hidden bars, the interior design takes a central role, transporting patrons back to the Roaring Twenties. Plush leather sofas, dark wood tables, and vintage light fixtures add to the antique feel. Thick curtains and hidden doors often separate these joints from the outside world, keeping their intrigue intact. For instance, patrons of The Broken Shaker enter via an inconspicuous door set in lush tropical gardens, finding themselves in a rustic bar decorated with eclectic trinkets. In Sugar, a trendy speakeasy, patrons discover an oriental garden theme, replete with Japanese maple trees and teak furniture. These unique designs captivate the senses and create a timeless environment, setting the stage for the ensuing cocktail journey.

Exclusive Cocktail Menus

Drinks at Miami’s speakeasies, don’t merely slake thirst; they’re an experience. Bartenders often go beyond the conventional, brewing up liquid magic from heirloom recipes. Bartenders at The Regent Cocktail Club, for instance, regularly delve into vintage books to revive century-old mixes, resulting in one-of-a-kind cocktails enticing enthusiasts round the clock. Additionally, the Sugar cane cocktails at Ball & Chain, made from pure cane juice masticated on a traditional ‘trapiche,’ present a flavorful nod to their history of live music and Cuban influence.

Moreover, ingredients are meticulously chosen, often locally sourced, lending the cocktails an authentic flavor. Basilic, a well-known speakeasy off the beaten path, specializes in using homemade syrups and an array of fruits, herbs, and spices to craft their artisanal cocktails. Such unique beverage offerings draw patrons into the narrative of Miami’s hidden bars, making for an unforgettable experience.

Top Miami Speakeasies to Visit

Delving deeper on our journey through Miami’s speakeasies, I can introduce you to a couple more that are truly exceptional in their theme and offerings. Their secretive charm and distinct personality separate them from the typical night-out spots.

The Cloak & Blaster: A Fantasy Realm

Perched on the outskirts of Miami, The Cloak & Blaster sweeps patrons into a realm of fantasy. It’s embedded with a rich magical theme that expands beyond the standard speakeasy vibe. The establishment emulates a medieval tavern, complete with wooden furniture, dim lighting, and fantastical artwork adorning aged brick walls.

Upon entering, one is greeted by the melodious strumming of centuries-old strings, evoking an immersive ambiance of a different era. You’ll find an exclusive menu, boasting drinks named after mythical elements and characters, which makes for an intriguing selection. Consider the Dragon’s Milk, a rich and heady ale that’s a favorite among patrons. A bevy of board games, all from the fantasy genre, are on hand to heighten the immersive journey into this otherworldly realm.

The 18th Amendment: A Prohibition Experience

Nothing embodies the spirit of Prohibition-era speakeasies better than The 18th Amendment. Nested in Downtown Miami and cloaked from the uninitiated’s eyes, this joint transports patrons back to the 1920s through its ingenious design, reminiscent of old-world Chicago bars.

The interior features exposed brick walls adorned with historical photographs, soft jazz wafts through the air, and soft overhead lights cast a warm, inviting glow. Barkeeps, sporting period attire, serve a diverse selection of house-specialty cocktails with names alluding to the Prohibition era. Patrons rave about The Volstead, a whiskey-based cocktail that’s a toast to the law that once banned alcohol nationwide.

The 18th Amendment employs the use of secret passageways and clandestine entrances, amplifying the allure of stepping back into a historically significant timeframe. The strong sense of authenticity it affords leaves an indelible impression, one that’s sure to draw visitors back time and again.

Planning Your Speakeasy Adventure

So, intrigued by Miami’s secretive nightlife and yearning for a time-defying experience? Here’s some advice to help you elevate your adventure into Miami’s speakeasies.

Best Times to Visit

Unlike traditional bars, speakeasies thrive in mystery, stretching from afternoon shadows into the captivating nightlife. Timing, in such establishments, is paramount for a memorable experience.

  1. For a True Prohibition-era Vibe: Consider visiting on a weekday evening. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, particularly, transport you back in time as low crowds amplify the secretive essence. Think speakeasies like The 18th Amendment – teeming with authentic antiquity as you slowly sip on a refreshing sidecar.
  2. For Full-Swing Excitement: Plan a trip on weekends. Though teeming with patrons, speakeasies like The Regent Cocktail Club and Ball & Chain guarantee engaging live music and bustling energy. You’ll feel the vivacious influence of the Roaring 20s, the Gin rickey in your hand adding that spirited edge.
  3. For Cheering with Friends: Late afternoons and early evenings serve as ideal times. Quieter environments at establishments such as Los Altos and The Cloak & Blaster allow group interactions, making your vintage escapade unusually bonding.

Tips for Gaining Entry

Access to these vintage dens isn’t always straightforward. Here’s how you can secure a hassle-free entry:

  1. Know the Etiquette: Respecting the protocol is key. Some speakeasies, like Tobacco Road, require a password for entry – a thrilling tribute to their historical roots.
  2. Dress the Part: Your attire can enhance your chances of gaining entry. A classy outfit aligning with the prohibition-era aesthetic is often appreciated by establishments such as The Regent Cocktail Club.
  3. Make Reservations: Popular speakeasies can be crowded. Calling ahead and reserving a table cuts down your wait time, especially during peak hours.
  4. Be Discreet: Many speakeasies maintain their secretive allure through unmarked entrances. For example, the Los Altos’ entrance is hidden inside a taco restaurant. A discreet and respectful approach promises a smoother check-in.

Remember, these clandestine bars aren’t about the rush but the hush. Savor every moment from the moment you step into these time capsules of Miami’s past.


So there you have it folks! Miami’s speakeasies are a must-visit, taking you on a journey back to the roaring 20s. From the legendary Ball & Chain to the modern marvel of The Regent Cocktail Club, there’s a speakeasy to suit every taste. Remember, it’s not just about the drinks – it’s about the experience. The secret entrances, the vintage decor, and the unique atmosphere all add to the magic. So why not dress up a little, respect the rules, and step back in time? I promise you, it’ll be a night to remember. After all, it’s not every day you get to tip your hat to history while sipping on a classic cocktail. Miami’s speakeasies are waiting for you. Cheers to a memorable adventure!

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